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Trev Alberts Ends Michigan Season, Displays Stunning Lack Of Self-Awareness

Aug 29, 2006 – 4:54 PM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

YOU SUCK AT EVERYTHINGIf anyone was thinking of selling their season tickets and moving to Afghanistan for a year just in case 2005 was no fluke, uh... I'd go ahead and get seats on GoatriderAir. Non-refundable ones. We have been cursed by the Trev, who ranks Michigan #2 in his intial top ten. Since Trev's picks are guaranteed to be as spectacular as Trev's NFL career, the peak of which is pictured at right, the only team more thoroughly screwed than us is #1 Auburn. (Observant readers may note that Auburn was also my choice for #1; observant readers can go to hell. Rest assured that Auburn will plummet spectacularly after this and several impassioned arguments against the Tigers.)

Before condeming Michigan and nine other teams to Poulan Weedeater Tire Emerald Bowl hell, Trev gets a shot in edgewise at, well, me and everyone else on the Internets:
I promise that my analysis will go beyond the mundane and the obvious. Mundane and obvious analysis comes from people who have never played the game. Football is a great game, but just because you once covered a team for your local college rag or watched a lot of games does not make you an expert.
No, Trev, mundane and obvious analysis comes from you. All the time. Until you decide to get fired to get away from Mark May.
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