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Javon Walker Does Not Miss Brett Favre

Aug 31, 2006 – 7:12 PM
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After being in Denver and seeing how they do things, and then watching Green Bay on Monday night and seeing how they do things, Javon Walker is pretty happy with his new place of residence. From a Bill Williamson article in the Denver Post, here's how Javon compared his new home with his old home:
"Obviously, we have a chance to be a Super Bowl team. Obviously, they have a chance to win four games."
I can't decide if that's a nice thing to say or not. On one hand, it might seem a little petty to take a cheap shot at a former team, especially when they're struggling Probably true, but still a little mean-spirited.

But on the other hand, anyone who watched the Packers against the Bengals on Monday night knows that the four-game estimate may be a little high. A win total of four is about the most optimistic prediction for the Packers that I've seen yet.

He doesn't have total contempt for everyone on the roster, though. He says he'll be rooting for some of the players that were his friends in Green Bay, including Al Harris, Charles Woodson, Bubba Franks, and Robert Ferguson. Notably absent from that list, despite once having Javon Walker's legs gleefully wrapped around himself in the midst of a leaping embrace, is quarterback Brett Favre.
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