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Quarter Two Broncos-Chiefs Liveblog

Sep 17, 2006 – 4:43 PM
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Sam Handler

Sam Handler %BloggerTitle%

Oh good God what a hospital ball. I don't care how much I dislike Stephen Alexander, that was not fun to watch. (Contrary to, say, Takeo Spikes' hit on Tom Brady, which is like a carnival every time I watch it).

Never, ever, ever try to beat Ian Gold outside. Bad Larry Johnson! Bad!

I don't like them using Gnarls Barkley as background music for semi-legal hits. DJ Dangermouse would be angry.

I feel bad for Jay Fiedler in that graphic...he's not that good anyway, but being put next to Dan Marino? Ouch.

BOOOOOOOOOM! Darrent Williams doesn't care about his body. What a hit.

I might take up football just so that I might one day be able to emerge from a black blob and drink Gatorade Rain on national television.

Announcers love talking about Champ Bailey's tackling ability.

LJ has so much power. I think it's because he has such huge holes to run through, he can build up lots of momentum.

STUFFED. Way to man up, Broncos defense. Great third down stop.

Oh God. The Broncos will be starting their drive from the one yard line. Oh God oh God oh God. It's Cedric time.

Oh man, Plummer just threw across the field from inside his own endzone. Thank God for Derrick Johnson's screwup. Good work Kyle Johnson. KJ is my favorite back named Johnson in the game. Wait no, favorite player named Johnson in the game.

I can't stop eating these delicious pretzels.

Javon Walker just caught a ball under serious pressure from behind. Great throw, good catch, good stuff.

Good God Rod Smith is awesome. Smith looked like he avoided the hit...I'm not sure what's wrong. Maybe there was a buildup of awesomeness in his knee that needs to be redistributed throughout the rest of his body. Yeah...

Kyle Johnson gains around 20 yards every time he touches the ball. We need a Kyle ratio. Or a Kyle...Quotient? Is that technically alliterative?

That quick throw to Alexander looked risky to me. High risk, low reward.

Nice block, Mike.

Noooo! Jason Elam! Missed field goal?! Nooooooo! It can't be!

Jim Nantz can name all of the original AFL teams very very quickly.

I am so sick of the Chiefs' little dink and dunk crap. The Broncos need to put a linebacker on Johnson.

Huh...I had the Chiefs pinned on a draw right there at the end of the half, but now they've used their last time out before the play.

The Chiefs just kicked a field goal. 3-0 KC.
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