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Evil Knee-Twisting Badger Gets Off Scot Free

Sep 26, 2006 – 2:47 PM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

I was ready to like Bret Bielema. He has a ridiculous haircut and historically fierce defenses. He coaches Wisconsin, a program I respect. But no longer, as flagrantly attempting to injure your opponent after the play is over warrants nothing but "internal discipline" from Bret Bielema. The following quote is highlighted for your bemusement/rage:
"I don't think there was any particular thing directed at Breaston," Bielema said Tuesday during the Big Ten Conference coaches' teleconference. "He had had a very successful day and our coverage unit had had some struggles. Everything boiled up at that minute. "I've seen what everybody has seen on film. I addressed it with James and I'm going to handle those things internally." When asked if Kamoku would play Saturday at Indiana, Bielema reiterated: "I'm handling those things internally."
No, there was nothing directed at Breaston. There was something directed away from Breaston: his knee when Kamoku attempted to dislocate it. This is so strange. It's a punt-coverage scrub. Their next game is Indiana. And he's not getting suspended. Way to keep up the ethical standards of your program, meathead.

Also, attention Jeff Potrykus: this phrase...
Kamoku, a standout on special teams who has a reputation as a clean player
...contains a typo. Let me fix it for you:
Kamoku, a punt-coverage scrub who had a reputation as a clean player
Never say bloggers didn't do anything for you.

(HT: Badger Sports)
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