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Wisconsin's Own Robert Reynolds

Sep 26, 2006 – 11:08 AM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

Remember when OSU's Robert Reynolds found Wisconsin QB Jim Sorgi in a pile of bodies and went all FINISH HIM? Uh, yeah. There was much outrage and Reynolds was suspended a game. Well, Wisconsin, it's now your turn to suspend a guy for pretending he's a Miami Hurricane. With Michigan leading by a couple scores late, scrub defensive back James Kamoku tried to break Steve Breaston:

Fans in the area started getting on Kamoku after that display, screaming for his head. A policeman was dispatched to escort the future Clarett cellmate, at which point someone screamed "pistol whip him!"

And life went on.

Still: this guy needs to be suspended and probably spanked by Bret Bielema. Otherwise I promise to lose respect for the Badgers, and lord knows Wisconsin can't afford that vicious blow to their program.
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