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Irish to Take on UCLA's Backup Quarterback

Oct 10, 2006 – 1:34 AM
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Brian Stouffer

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Some rough news for the lads in powder blue in Westwood, as quarterback Ben Olson has been shelved for four to six weeks with a torn ligament in his knee. It doesn't specify which knee, but judging from this picture from the Stanford game with Olson sporting some hardware on his right knee, it looks like he's already dealing with a bum joint.

The article describes Olson as a "23 year-old Sophomore", which gives me pictures of a National Lampoon movie character. Yeah, I know he did the Mormon mission thing, but I prefer to think of him as Will Ferrell's character in "Old School"... an adult conspicuously hanging around college campuses to score on college girls.

Anyway, it's bad news for UCLA, and should have a noticeable impact on a point spread that already was looking pretty fierce.
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