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Michigan State is One of the Worst Colleges in America; Also: Dog Bites Man

Oct 10, 2006 – 8:10 AM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

You can file this under "duh," but Radar Online has named Michigan State one of the worst colleges in America, subset Big Ten. Though they really could have gone with "State School." Anyone who heard Drew Stanton's oooooh burrrrrn of "The University of Puke" knows that. Bon mots:
It's not surprising this hard-drinking football school hasn't made it to the Rose Bowl since 1988: Much of its student body seems to be in jail.
...and those who aren't, like tight ends Kellen Davis and Eric Andino, are busy giving swirlies to various students and punching them afterwards. Is this a surprise? No.
Raw Data: A 76 percent acceptance rate, an abysmal average SAT score, and a rep as a depraved party school. Go Spartans!
WOOOOO! But remember, kids, they all got into Michigan.
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