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Video of the Miami v. FIU Brawl

Oct 14, 2006 – 11:20 PM
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Nathan Fowler

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Video has already hit YouTube of the shameful brawl involving Miami and FIU. Watch for the helmet wielding, player stomping and one incredibly impressive body slam. Absolutely horrendous, even worse than the USC v. Clemson brawl of a couple years ago that cost both teams bowl appearances. No word on what the ACC will do about Miami, but I assume it will be extremely strict. This is a huge black eye (literally and figuratively) for the entire league.

- The reaction of the Miami fans and organization might be even more shameful than the actual brawl. You have the announcer claiming he wants to go down the elevator and join the brawl. Quotes from Miami message boards include "I LOVED IT that may be the start of the U returning this will be a HUGE boost for recruiting", "we needed this in the worst way", "The reason we dominated the second half was due to the fight. Finally the players let out the emotion that has been controlled by a reserved Coker", and many more along the same lines. The fans in the Orange Bowl were cheering. The announcer wanted to leave the booth and join the brawl. Is this what Miami stands for? If so, the ACC should be redfaced that they were ever allowed to join the conference. Utterly ridiculous display by the Miami players, fans, staff and anyone associated with the program.
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