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Philadelphia v. Tampa Bay Live Blog

Oct 22, 2006 – 3:59 PM
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Enrico Campitelli

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I'm not going to be doing a full play-by-play live blog, but I'll be giving some running thoughts. I'm picking the Eagles 23 Bucs 21

1st Qtr
-Ryan Moats is back returning the opening kick off. I like the idea of getting Moats a chance to get the ball in his hands. He has the speed to break a big play.

-No surprise in the Eagles game plan early: throw, throw, throw. They're moving the ball nicely with a couple of quick first downs.

-The Eagles were driving nicely and rookie WR Jason Avant coughs the ball up. Not the kind of start we're looking for.

-Tampa Bay fumbles and the Eagles recover, but upon review it clearly looks like Cadillac Williams was down before the ball came out.

-I'm a Jay Z fan, but I hate that new song. Jay Z pimping Budweiser seems a bit of sell out move to me. That commercial is just bad.
-Eagles defense is getting to the rookie QB. I was going to type his name but the probability of me spelling it correctly is zero. Eagles take over after a Tampa punt.

-Eagles go a quick three and out with Brian Westbrook dropping a ball it looked like he should have caught. Tampa takes over on an Eagles punt. A good number of Eagles fans appear to have made the trip to sunny Florida.

-Birds D seems to be stopping Tampa well. This is the first game all season in which the Eagles haven't given up early points.

-Reggie Brown is quickly becoming the Eagles best receiver. Donovan hits him for a nice gain.

-Just when I think the Eagles are going to be tough to stop today, Donovan gift wraps an interception on a pass he probably shouldn't have made across the field. Two turnovers for the Eagles in the first quarter alone. Thats how you lose a football game to Tampa Bay.

-Another 3 and out for Tampa.

-Hank Baskett makes a great catch to give the Eagles a first down and that'll do it for the first quarter.

2nd Qtr

-This game is pretty boring. Brian Baldinger kind of makes me want to go find my radio and put on Merrill Reese and Mike Quick.

-Donovan McNabb decides to relive the 2002 NFC Championship game. Touchdown Ronde Barber. That looked like a horrible pass from McNabb. No Eagle receiver was even close to defending it. Eagles 0 Tampa 7

-I'm wondering if FOX's term "splash plays" only applies to games in close proximity to the ocean. That's cute. Eagles go 3 and out. I feel like I'm watching a Flyers game here. They got rid of their GM and coach today.

-A role reversal of sorts today with the defense looking phenomenal while the offense is sputtering. Bucs go 3 and out and are forced to punt.

-Eagles start of this drive in horrible field position from their own 7. Donovan tucks it in and runs for about 4 on first down. Hey Don Tollefson is in the house! Westbrook takes a nice draw for 22 yards. Westbrook is one fast man in the open field.

-Back to back runs! Buckhalter takes another draw for 11 yards. I'd like to see the Birds pound it with Buck some more.

-Eagles can't seem to get a solid drive going on offense. Eagles punt. Yaaawn. I'm a fan of the Coors light commercials with Dick Vermeil.

-Eagles are bringing the pressure on Gradkowski, but he's getting just enough time to complete a couple of passes. Tampa has been able to move the ball fairly well this drive.

-Nice to see my fellow BC alum Jeremy Trueblood helping out the Eagles by picking up a tripping penalty pushing the Bucs out of FG range. Bucs are forced to punt.

-I just screamed at my TV because Brian Westbrook dropped a simple dump pass when he had field to work with.

-Donovan scrambles for 20! Every time Donovan tucks it in he has a chance to break it. He even juked a couple of defenders instead of simply sliding down.

-A short little crossing route to Westbrook turns into a 28 yard gain putting them in very good field range.

-Horrible decision by Donovan McNabb throwing to LJ Smith who was NOT in the endzone and time runs out with the Eagles putting zero points on the board and leaving the ball on the two yard line. Baldinger calls it a "fatal decision."

-End of first half and the Eagles put ZERO points on the board. Eagles 0 Tampa 7 This live blogging isn't very fun when your team can't put the ball in the endzone.

3rd Qtr

-Sorry, I fell asleep for a minute there. Cadillac Williams is finding holes and powering through Eagles defenders. Tampa barely gets the 1st on 4th and inches. Glad to see Trotter right back in the game after a short injury scare.

-Tampa is running all over the Eagles here. Dhani Jones makes a BIG stop on third and two. Yes, Dhani Jones made a big play.

-Tampa gets a 30 yard FG. Eagles 0 Tampa 10

We haven't seen the Eagles go down the field much, I'd look for a big play right off the bat here.

-Ronde, Ronde, Ronde. Eagles 0 Tampa 17. I don't even know what to say. I got nothing. When I said to look for a big play, Barber taking another INT to the house wasn't the kind of big play I was hoping for.

-Wow. What a drive by Donovan. After tucking it in and running for his longest rush in years, he puts on one of his scrambling in the backfield moments, avoiding multiple defenders, cutting back multiple times, and somehow finding Thomas Tapeh for a TD. That play was up there with the 15 second scramble against the Cowboys last season. Eagles 7 Tampa 17

-Donovan just blew chunks on the field. Nasty. Although it didn't look very chunky, mostly water. He must not have had his soup before the game. He's never going to hear the end of this one from his critics.

-Touch Down Reggie Brown! Eagles 14 Tampa 17

-Just when you think the Eagles are done, down 17-0, the offense comes out and puts on a clinic. Westbrook is having a stellar game and McNabb, despite his little up chucking, is chucking touchdowns like an MVP in the second half. I love Reggie Brown. The defense needs to come out and force a turnover or punt here.

-Mental breakdown by Jerome McDougle. This guy has to be kidding. He makes his first good play of the season and goes and screws it up with a face mask and an unsportsmanlike penalty. A 30 yard bonus for Tampa.

-Tampa puts the pressure on the Eagles, going up 6 with two minutes and change left. Eagles 14 Tampa 20

-Donovan needs to show he can perform with a game on the line. This is his chance to show what he is capable of. Donovan you ready? Eagles get the ball on their own 20, 2:49 remaining, Eagles have 2 time outs.

-Alright! Matt Schobel starts it off with a dropped pass!
-On 2nd and 10, Westbrook picks up 9 on a short pass.
-3rd and 1, Westbrook carries for what appears to be the first down. Westbrook and Reggie Brown are the guys I want to see with the ball in the final minutes here.
-1st and 10 from the 30, 2 minutes left: a 2 yard dink to Westbrook does nothing but run the clock.
-2nd and 8: McNabb hits Avant for a 10 yard gain. Then the Birds go offsides pushing them backwards.
-1st and 15: Donovan misses Westbrook in the flat, looked pressured.
-2nd and 15: complete to Reggue Brown for 8.
-3rd and 6: BRIAN WESTBROOK TAKES IT TO THE HOUSE! Wow. It looked like he should have been tackled at least 3 times and Westbrook shows why he is one of the games most dangerous weapons.

Eagles 21 Tampa 20, 33 seconds left.

-The Bucs get a real good return and start with solid field position.
-Tampa completes a pass for a first down. 15 seconds left and they need to go about 30 yards. 1 timeout left.
-Gradkowski scrambles for 10 but forces them to use their final timeout. 10 seconds left, they need about 10-15 yards.
-4 second left, Matt Bryant comes out to kick what would be the game winner. A 61 yard attempt...

It's good. Tampa Bay Wins.
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