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Bowden Blames EBay For Son's Departure

Nov 21, 2006 – 9:56 AM
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Brian Cook

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No, that's not a snarky headline. It's straight up. Bowden was asked why things didn't work out with his son Jeff -- you know, other than that whole driving-the-program-into-the-ground thing; his response:
"Because you all ignited it," he said to a small room of reporters. "You listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk, and you all kept writing about it and that fans it and makes it grow and grow, and it becomes a cancer. That's why."
As the Dude might say: Bobby Bowden, obviously you're not a golfer. Darn kids with the hippin' and the hoppin' and all those tubes with the eBay and the e-mail and the e-vil. For the record, Florida State was 59th in total offense a year ago and is 70th this year with Florida's snarling monstrosity yet to come, and that's with games against mighty Troy State and Rice on the schedule. But this post is less about the validity of internet criticism of Jeff (complete and total) and more about Bobby's belief that EBay had something to do with it (wacky!).

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