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Michael Vick Flips Off Falcons' Fans

Nov 26, 2006 – 7:09 PM
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Michael Vick flips off Falcons' fansAlthough network cameras missed it, the NFL Network and other media outlets are reporting that when Michael Vick left the field today at the Georgia Dome, he gave Falcons' fans the finger.

It's bad enough that your team just lost its fourth game in a row, which is enough of a "F*%$ You!" to the long-suffering Falcons fans, but to extend your middle finger to them? There are no excuses Vick can offer to excuse this, because there is nothing that a fan could have said that deserves that reaction. Even if the fans were yelling about Vick's mom and saying she likes to do dirty things at Magic City, he still has to show more class as he's leaving the field. Hell, he should be in a rush to get to the film room and see what went wrong, causing the fans to be upset.

As a player in the NFL, fan scrutiny and even fan rudeness comes with the multi-million dollar contract. If Vick didn't know this when he signed his contract with the Falcons, he's too stupid to lead the team. If there's anyone that needs to see his middle finger, it's his receivers, his offensive coordinator, and himself.
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