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Something's Rotten In the State of Ashburn

Dec 10, 2006 – 4:27 PM
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Unsilent Majority

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Well the Redskins came up short today despite their best efforts in the second half, but that's not where my interest is focussed. Whenever I watch a game from home the first thing I do is switch over to Comcast SportsNet for the Redskins Post Game Live which usually features SportsTalk 980's Steve Czaban. Today he is oddly absent from the set, although the show's host Chick Hernandez swears he's just sick.

Given Czaban's colorful past (he's already been suspended this season for asking tough questions live on the air) I immediately sensed a conspiracy afoot. Could Comcast be secretly holding the virtuoso of controversy under pressure from Redskins Park? It's possible, but my theory is even worse. Perhaps Czar Danny, tired of Czab's constant criticisms and barbs (calling him a lumberjack crossed a line), sent out his top henchman Vinny Cerrato take him out. My inside sources (imaginary friends) suggest that Cerrato could have employed the use of a radioactive spray on Czaban's morning danish.

Something inside me (imaginary friends again) directed me towards Comcast's website so I happened to check the site's description of Post Game Live. Here's an excerpt of what I found.

As soon as the game ends join Comcast SportsNet's Chick Hernandez along with former Redskin greats Ken Harvey and Brian Mitchell for insightful analysis of the game.
Hold up. Czaban's a bigger part of the show than Mitchell or Harvey and he's not getting any mention? Or is it possible that he was recently edited out of show's description by The Man? One thing is for sure, I will be eager to turn on Czaban's morning show tomorrow.

I'll be back later with a recap of the game itself ... like it matters, a man could be dead!
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