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How Can You Not Love The NY Post?

Dec 11, 2006 – 5:21 PM
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Marcel Mutoni

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The following is from Phil Mushnick of the NY Post, in a column discussing, among other things, the Iverson trade request:

One more thing: I'm tired of people with one-way vision and selective memories telling us that a racist sports world persists, based on the latest head count of black head coaches. Maurice Cheeks, African-American, daily was undermined by the misdeeds - often criminal - of black players when he tried to coach the Trail Blazers. Now, Iverson has done it to him in Philly.

Cheeks, by now, might've been among the most revered coaches in the history of the NBA. The people who thus far have prevented any chance of that happening, while placing his coaching career in peril, aren't white.

I'm not really sure what to make of Mushnick's words. However, in my futile attempt to make sense of them, I have come up with a few points that are worthy of consideration:

1)In Mushnick's mind, racism in sports no longer exists.

2)Racism in sports is only found when you count the number of ethnic head coaches.

3)Black players are to blame for Mo Cheeks' repeated failures as a coach.

4)Allen Iverson is the latest black player to screw up Cheeks' brilliant coaching schemes.

5)Were it not for black players, Mo Cheeks would be one of the most revered coaches in NBA history.

6)Oh, and the only reason he's not? You guessed it: Evil Black Players.

Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Post!
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