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Allen Iverson Doesn't Look Good in Baby Blue

Dec 23, 2006 – 1:19 AM
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That's really the entire subject of this post, how Iverson looks in baby blue. And it's not only an attempt to reclaim the "least consequential post ever" title from Skeets, I think there's some symbolism there.

It just really struck me to turn on the television and see Allen Iverson, who we're so used to seeing in black with red trim, appropriate colors for a cat so hard, wearing a soft baby blue, the color you use to decorate an infant's crib. It was like seeing Malcom X in a tight Aeropostale t-shirt.

The black felt representative of perhaps the toughest NBA city. It's been replaced by the fashionable and trendy sky blue, representative of a city without a consequential NBA past. It's sunk in now. This is really happening.

So what did happen? Well, the Nuggets took the floor without Carmelo Anthony (suspension), J.R. Smith (suspension) and Marcus Camby (hand injury). And they lost. Truthfully, it probably felt a lot like he was back in Philadelphia.

Iverson played 39 minutes (second only to Earl Boykins' 43), shot 9-of-15, and had 10 assists to just 2 turnovers. He finished with 22 points in a Nuggets loss.
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