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DeAngelo Hall Compares Falcons to Knicks and Not in a Good Way

Dec 29, 2006 – 9:51 AM
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Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson %BloggerTitle%

With one game to go in the regular season and their faint playoff hopes still alive, the Falcons do what any self-(flagellating, defeating, destructive -- any word'll do ... your choice here) team would do: start pointing fingers.

There's a lot going on here so try and keep up:

"It's too much talent in this locker room for us to be sitting at 7-8" – Michael Vick

"I wish we would be consistent at something, anything, Early in the season, go back to the first game against Tampa Bay. I think I might have caught one ball, but we ran that ball and ran that ball and that was one of the more joyous feelings in the locker room, not just because we won, but just because of the way we did it. We were consistent at something then." – Alge Crumpler

"Even with a coaching change I don't know if guys will own up or accept responsibility; that's just how it is." – DeAngelo Hall.

And then the bottom falls out:
Cornerback Hall equated the team's problems with the well-publicized woes of basketball's New York Knicks, who aren't winning despite having the league's highest payroll.

"It's the same scenario to a lot of the guys with [the] New York Knicks' situation ... You get a guy who brings in a lot of talent with a whole lot of guys he likes and feels like he can help a team win, and you almost got to put it in his hands now."
When you start comparing your situation to possibly one of the worst franchises in recent sports history, well, it's probably time to blow everything up and start over.

Luckily, embattled coach Jim Mora – you know, the guy who said he'd quit his current gig to take the University of Washington head coaching job only to later say, "Psyche!" – thinks Atlanta hasn't been inconsistent at all this season. Hmm. I'm guessing this will come up in his end-of-year review with owner Arthur Blank. Right before he gets canned.
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