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Garnett Looking To Meditate More

Dec 29, 2006 – 2:42 PM
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Marcel Mutoni

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Kevin Garnett was prominently involved in many of the lasting images from the 2004 Playoffs--celebrating the first round triumph over the Kings; not retaliating after Anthony Peeler clocked him in the mouth with an elbow; letting out one of his trademark primal screams after a huge basket against the Kings--but the one that will remain with me forever is that of him sitting on the bench in the Lakers series and doing meditation exercises to calm his nerves.

This season, it appears that Garnett plans on going back to doing the mediation exercises:
"I've just got to relax," he said. "Sometimes, I get so hyped before these games ... I've got to go into my yoga phases and do some of my meditation to just relax."
Now, while that's all fine and dandy, I can think of another thing that KG might want to try a bit more of this season: Shooting The Damn Ball! Yes, I realize I've beaten this into the ground mercilessly, but I refuse to stop. You'll just to deal with it. After watching the last three Timberwolf games, I am convinced that this team should be on a two-game losing streak. Hear me out.

In game 1, Garnett did the sensible thing and took over the game offensively. The Wolves won on the road in Indy. Three nights later, KG went back to indefatigable-team-player mode and were it not for the heroics of a ballsy rookie (Randy Foye), the Wolves would have blown a 25 point lead to the Bulls (at home, no less) and suffered the most humiliating defeat of the young season. The following night, they lost to the Raptors as Garnett failed yet again to assert himself in the fourth quarter.

Bottom line: when KG takes matters into his own hands (an obvious requirement on this eternally flawed team, and something he refuses to do), the Wolves have a much better chance of winning.

(Hat Tip: I Heart KG for the link)
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