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"He Looked Like a Kid in a Candy Store": Unsilent Majority on Gil's Big Night

Jan 6, 2007 – 5:30 PM
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Bethlehem Shoals

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If you're familar with sports blogs at all, you've probably heard of one Unsilent Majority, part of the Kissing Suzy Kolber braintrust. Like Jamie, UM also landed an invite to the already-legendary Arenas bash, and agreed to sit down with me for an interview. Read it all after the jump, and feel free to glance back at my other two posts for the multimedia refresher. The picture uptop is the aforementioned Gil/Zero/D.C./Vitamin Water synergy.

Bethlehem Shoals: I don't know where to begin.

Unsilent Majority: At first it was just like another night at a club, only people were dressed to impress. The main bar was a [eff]ing disaster and it took about a half hour to get a drink. The bartenders were only paying attention to people getting bottles of champagne.

The crowd was great, more sideboob than you could shake a stick at. Obviously predominantly Black but the number of Persian girls was out of control.

BS: Did you see that photo of Gil with a chorus line of chicks in gold lamee?

UM: Yeah, those girls were out front by the press area walking through there was hilarious, it felt like the red carpet.

BS: Celebs? Were they up in the VIP the whole time?

UM: Well, once we got some drinks my friends and I went outside where the stage was. I was up against the fence having a cig when all of the people came streaming through out of the backstage area. Gil, Gil Sr., Clinton, Diddy, TI. I think I saw T.J. Duckett at the bar but it might have just been a fat guy.

BS: Clinton?

UM: Portis. Cigar, fedora, all the pageantry.

BS: Oh. I mean, I love Clinton Portis. But Bill Clinton and Arenas...

UM: Ha. No.

BS: Portis and Arenas are kind of soulmates

UM: Yeah, Gil's more low key though.

So it started as a crazy night at the club and turned into an amazing concert. Busta just got out on bail and when he came out people were jacked up. I'm not sure he knew where he was. He kept telling us we were dressed too nice and we needed to get loud. And he kept wishing us a happy '07 like it was a New Year's party. Finally at the end, he wished Gil a happy birthday, and said "that mother[effer's] been puttin' some serious mother[effin'] points on that scoreboard."

Whenever I saw Gil he just looked like a kid in a candy store, as if he couldn't believe all of this was here for him. Every time he got around the crowd, people started the MVP chant.

All of the other white dudes kept giving us the knowing head nod. Yeah...we're white AND we're at Love!

BS: Why was Barry there?

UM: Barry goes everywhere. Little known fact: if there's a party he shows.

That Gil ice sculpture looked great at 11:30 when I walked in. At 2:30 when we got the pics it was a bit melty. At full size it looked pretty cool, especially with the shoes.

BS: Did it have facial features?

UM: At first yeah. But with the ice it's pretty hard to achieve any sort of shadowing effect.

Oh and the number of people milling around outside was insane. All these people that thought they'd just show up, maybe try to crash by looking real slutty.

BS: Did you see Dan Steinberg there?

UM: No Steinz. There was a bunch of media there. Lots of expensive-looking cameras attached to uncomfortable white people.

BS: Was it rowdy at all?

UM: Never saw anybody even get close to fighting, everybody was watchin' out for everybody else's. When somebody stepped on my Bruno Magli's they turned and apologized. People were bumping into people all night but no problems...and I've never seen that before. Then again, I left before three. People were probably there till five.

BS: Now you know I've got to ask you about your outfit.

UM: I went with a black shirt with gray stripes, black and silver cufflinks. My grandfather's old movado, my cousin's Bruno Magli's and black slacks.

By the way, the presence of the occasional middle-aged rich white couple gave the whole thing the most delightful ghetto bar mitzvah vibe. Especially with the dress code. So I guess Gil is now a man!

I gotta roll out to find food and cigarettes.

BS: I'll send this to you in a bit

UM: I'll talk to you

BS: Peace.
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