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Just 54 Days Until Free Agency and Kevin Curtis Could Be Hot Commodity

Jan 7, 2007 – 12:13 PM
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Patti LaRue

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Decisions will be being made around key backups and specialists for the Rams in just 54 days. And probably one of the hottest commodities will be wide receiver Kevin Curtis. Although his numbers dropped some in 2006 from 2005 due to no injuries to Holt and Bruce and the emergence of Steven Jackson as a receiving threat. Curtis is still a viable receiving threat and one of the 'fastest white boys' (a little term given to him by several defenders in years past) on the field.

We all saw what happened the minute Mike Furrey was released and went to the Lions, he ended up with his first 1,000 receiving season. And Curtis has proved that he just as good if not better than Furrey and this could lead to a lot of teams vying for this young man's talents come free agency time. And this could spell a problem for the Rams should they let him explore the depths of free agency.

There's never anything wrong with having a third, extremely talented receiver on board despite the fact of having players like Holt and Bruce, because no one can ever predict when the 'injury bug' will hit. Curtis proved that he was an incredible stand in for both Holt and Bruce when they came up lame in 2005.

At this point in time Curtis is uncertain of his future.

'That's the big question mark,' Curtis said. 'I didn't even have an agent during the season. All I worried about was playing these games. Now I look to the future, and I have no idea. There's a lot of uncertainty. I could be back, but it's really hard to say. I don't know what the Rams have in mind.'

Curtis fired his agent at the beginning of the season feeling that the communication between the two just wasn't working and hired Tom Condon on the last weekend of regular season play.

Others that could become free agents in 54 days are:

  • WR Shaun McDonald
  • OL Todd Steussie
  • Punter Matt Turk
  • ST Ace Isaiah Kacyvenski

It would behoove the Rams if they at least tried to go out and keep Kevin Curtis and Matt Turk.

Quote compliments of the Associated Press.

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