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The Inside... Er... Scoop On ND's New Defensive Coordinator

Jan 12, 2007 – 4:28 PM
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Brian Cook

Brian Cook %BloggerTitle%

So, hey, New York Jets defensive backs coach Corwin Brown is replacing much-maligned Rick Minter as Notre Dame's defensive coordinator. Good for Corwin, though I hope he fails miserably once per year. Since Notre Dame fans love to talk about Weis's "brass balls" or "cajones" or "bones" or "clams," whatever you call them, they'll be happy to know that a recent thread on MGoBlog devolved into a discussion of the various... endowments of old Michigan players. A regular commenter provides this note, which you can take or leave as you please:
Corwin was *always* walking around the halls naked. I think he'd purposefully wait until a parents weekend to go walking down the hall while the parents of the girls had to pass through our hall to get to the girls half of SQ. And believe me, when you're hung like Corwin, you're freakin' **PROUD** to walk down the halls nekked. I can still see him casually lookin' into someones room... "What's up?"..
So there you go. Cajones for everyone!
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