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UVA Hoops: Nice Arena, Lame Cheer Sheets

Jan 16, 2007 – 9:29 PM
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Nathan Fowler

Nathan Fowler %BloggerTitle%

First, lets get this clear. Cheer sheets are lame. Period. There is no excuse for them. If you can't get solid chants going and keep the student section in the game without their help, your student section sucks.

That being said, I got a copy of the cheer sheet for Virginia students at tonight's Maryland game. As unbelievable as it may sound, it's even lamer than normal cheer sheets. Besides resorting to original nicknames like "Big Nose" and "He got the unlimited meal plan" for Maryland players, they include this gem:

As we all know, Maryland fans are thugs. They probably don't even own a tie, never mind a blazer, and chants such as "You are all thugs," and "We don't riot," are perfect.

Yeah, um - I can't think of a valid reason for a college student to own a tie and blazer. I certainly can't think of a valid reason to make fun of another college student for NOT owning one. College is for wearing beat up t-shirts, unwashed jeans and the rattiest pair of tennis shoes around. Of course, everything must be different at "Jefferson's University". And they wonder why everyone else in the ACC laughs at them.

Read the entire cheer sheet (minus personal e-mail addresses) after the jump

Rule #1- Bring a cough drop from now on.
Welcome once again to John Paul Jones Arena. This place cost 130
Million Dollars. Let's make it sound like it. ALWAYS make noise.
Time outs, free throws, huge differences in score. Never be quiet.
That's why we're here,
isn't it?

The Traditional:
1) When the song Thunder is played, chant "Wahoos" when the word
"Thunder" is sung.
2) Turn your back to the court when the other team's roster is being
announced and be completely silent.
3) For opponents free throws, sway your arms together in one fluid
motion from left to right as he makes the shot. A coordinated
movement is much more effective than everyone doing thier own thing.
We used to do this in U-Hall but seem to have lost it this season.
Let's bring it back.

The New: Player Chants
1) J.R. Reynolds- J-J-J, J-R repeated. Do this to the rhythm of
"D-D-D, Defense"
2) Lars Mikalauskas- L-A-R-S Lars, Lars, Lars.
3) We are looking for more. Please send suggestions to

As we all know, Maryland fans are thugs. They probably don't even own
a tie, never mind a blazer, and chants such as "You are all thugs,"
and "We don't riot," are perfect.

The Dirt:
#2 D.J. Strawberry-
While I could write a book about his dad, Darryl Strawberry, let's
stay away.
-DJ's girlfriend's name is Nicole Peterson.

#23 Mike "Nobody" Jones- I am going to make a sign that says "Who is
Mike Jones??"
and another that says "Still a Nobody!!" in response to his rise from
to a now semi-formidable player.

#25 Ekene "No NBA" Ibekwe:
Withdrew his name from the NBA draft last year after no agents even
looked his way. "Forget the NBA" and "Won't get drafted."

#21 Greivis "Huge Nose" Vasquez-
He is only a freshmen but has proved to be a valuable member of the
team. However, he is quite possibly the ugliest person I have ever
had the misfortune of seeing. Even you in the upper bowl will be able
to see his nose. "What happened to your nose?" should dot he trick.

#31 Will "He got the unlimited meal plan" Bowers:
Although he is a senior this year, his stats nor his playing time show
it. He averages 1.9 points and 9.2 minutes per games as a senior.
"When he is on the bench, chant, "Will's a Senior," And in the very
rare instance he shoots a free throw, chant, "Are you even on the team?"

And the coach: Gary Williams.
"Sweat, Gary Sweat" all night long. Let's get him to curse at us, too.

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