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Interview With The Miami Super Bowl Party Scene Expert

Jan 18, 2007 – 7:28 AM
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Stephanie Stradley

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I've been to South Beach before, but I'm a little baffled on how to deal with Super Bowl XLI: the biggest party evaaar. Often when I am looking for information to share with readers, I ask for some expert help, and had the good fortune to do a fun on-line interview with Lesley Abravanel.

Basically, her job is to know THE places to eat, go, scope and be seen in the Miami area. Cool.

She writes a weekly nightlife column Velvet Underground for the Miami Herald, her gossip blog Scene in the Tropics, and a great Q&A Forum for party questions called Hints and Allegations. She also has written numerous Florida travel guides.

Lesley tells me that she is going to be starting her Super Bowl party coverage this Friday until February 2nd when she is going to compile the most comprehensive information.

Q: Is there any job you would rather have than the one you do? I'm guessing there not too many jobs more fun than keeping up with Miami parties and events.

I'd rather just be the one going to the parties with no purpose other than to guzzle free booze and mingle with celebrities and not have to go home, remember and write about it!

Q: What is the strangest thing you have witnessed at a club?

Dennis Rodman making out with a drag queen. Wait, that's not strange, that's normal! Lindsay Lohan sipping water. That was strange because the water had a strange odor....

Q: I understand that because the last two Super Bowls were in Jacksonville and Detroit , that there is a lot of pent up party demand for a South Beach Super Bowl. Is this likely going to be the biggest Super Bowl party scene yet?

Well, I recall when the Super Bowl was in Miami in 99, it was amazing. The most random celebrities attended the parties, from the creators of South Park to Ally McBeal. It was on Fox, then, because tons of Fox celebs, including 90210 stars were in town. The random-ness of the mix was the most fun. This year will likely make 99 look like amateur bowl. After hosting the MTV Video Music Awards and assorted high end celeb events, Miami is always looking to top itself and it's definitely ready for its Super Bowl close up!

Q: How hard is it going to be to get around during Super Bowl weekend? Usually, I cab around Miami , but because of where I'm staying I have a car. Any tips with this?

CAB as much as you can. Even if you can't find a cab, hitch a ride with a pizza delivery dude if you must. Parking is brutal and ticketing and valet charges are ruthless.

Q: Where is your favorite local restaurants to go spending YOUR OWN money? Where are your favorite restaurants to go to spending SOMEONE ELSE'S money?

Restaurants on my own dime: El Rancho Grande on Lincoln Road; Big Pink on Collins; Yummy Sushi on Alton Road and Le Sandwicherie and El Toro Taco at 5 am off Washington.

On someone else's dime: Prime 112; Social Miami; David Bouley Evolution; Nobu

Q: My friend Diane wants to know what the best party attire is for SoBe parties. How is it different than other big cities, if at all?

Less is more. Literally. The less you wear, the more likely you will fit in. If you're decked out in something, make it something outrageous.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice for Super Bowl partiers visiting the city to make their time better, what would it be?

Be patient, be ready to deal with glamazons and player types rushing the velvet rope and getting right in. Just enjoy the circus and you'll have an amusing time.

Q: Make up can cure lots of late-night ills. Do you have any suggestions to deal with the bloodshot eyes though? After a while, eyedrops seem to surrender for me.

Although it's been years since that song Sunglasses at Night, it still seems to be relevant down here despite our cutting edge reputation.


Thanks to Lesley for such a nice interview. I adore gossip. Most people who write about football do, even if they don't admit it, because most football stories are sorta manly gossip.

So there you have it. Super Bowl XLI: the best party scene evaaar with great food, random celebrities, lots of traffic and womens wearing very few clothes.

I strongly suggest bookmarking her Hints & Allegations Q&A Forum if you will be heading to Miami.

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