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Macs are Bourgeois: LeBron to Sell Windows Vista

Jan 24, 2007 – 3:00 AM
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LeBron James will be doing "cameo" appearances in advertisements that air nationally for Microsoft's new Windows Vista. I speculated about it over a month ago here, when LeBron originally signed the deal with Microsoft, but we didn't know for exactly what product. Windows Vista ... that's a big one.
"I've moved in my life and my first day in a new school I was always able to make new friends," James said last year. "That's difficult for some people. So someday being an ambassador to the world and not just the NBA would be great. I want to be the face of a lot of things."
Like Windows Vista, I guess.

It's a very nice little gig for LeBron, and congratulations to him. Shoals mentioned LeBron's marketing prowess a couple of days ago, and I think there's some cultural significance here too, in the fact that young LeBron has been chosen to sell a product that's very much aimed towards upper-middle class America. This isn't like selling Powerade or shoes. To a lot of people, Windows Vista is a very very big deal.

And Microsoft could've gone after whatever clean cut superstar athlete they wanted ... Tom Brady, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning ... and they chose LeBron. That's a pretty big feather in his cap. And in the NBA's, too. This probably has David Stern doing cartwheels.
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