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Super Bowl Swag: Perhaps the Ugliest Football Jersey Ever

Jan 25, 2007 – 8:49 AM
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Super Bowl Swag takes a look at Super Bowl merchandise that has been available through the years, some of it awesome, some of it very non-awesome.

Look at this thing. I don't even know where to start. Who out there is wearing Super Bowl merchandise that shows support not for one of the game's participants, but for the actual game itself? When is this conversation taking place?

Regular Guy: Hey, nice jersey. You a Bears fan?
Guy Wearing Dumb Jersey: No. Not really.
Regular Guy Colts fan?
Guy Wearing Dumb Jersey: No.
Regular Guy: Well, who do you like?
Guy Wearing Dumb Jersey: I just like the Super Bowl.
Regular Guy: You mean, you hope it's a good game?
Guy Wearing Dumb Jersey: No, I don't really care about that. I just support the event itself. I like the "XLI" Roman numerals. I like the logo. I like the promotion involved with the game.
Regular Guy: I'll be beating the hell out of you now.

I can kind of understand where the guy's coming from, supporting the Super Bowl ... but myself, I'm partial to Week 11. I can't wait until comes out with those Week 11 jerseys. I am a proud supporter of Week 11 and all that it represents.

And even if you can get past the notion of someone just rooting for the Super Bowl, even if that seems normal to you ... look at this thing. Red at the top, fading into orange at the bottom, blue sleeve stripes, white accents ... and the logos of all the past Super Bowls patterned into the fabric. This thing is a visual nightmare.

If Bea Arthur was standing nude in my living room right now, and I had a choice of her staying nude, or putting on this jersey ... it would be a tough call. This jersey is that unappealing to me.

The sad part is that poor African children are going to be wearing these for decades to come, because that's where the NFL is going to ship them when they don't sell any. Just $124.99.
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