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The Lingering Sexual Tension Between Urlacher and Manning

Jan 30, 2007 – 2:58 AM
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I don't know how I missed this ... but here's a Peyton Manning/MasterCard commercial that I had never seen before. It features Peyton at a spa (presumably at the Pro Bowl) with Michael Strahan, Brian Urlacher, getting rubbed down, taking a walk on the beach in their robes, and then practicing yoga.

The interesting part comes at the end where Brian Urlacher gets caught trying to undress Peyton Manning with his eyes. I can't be sure that's exactly what's happening there, but ... you know, they're dudes at a spa, talking a walk on the beach together in robes. There's something romantic going on. In fact, I think I saw Jared from Subway in the background. He and Strahan must have been double-dating with Urlacher and Manning.

How will this love manifest itself on the field on Sunday? One never knows ... but if Urlacher happens to sack Peyton Manning, look for him to get up very slowly and with the maximum possible amount of physical contact between himself and Peyton.

Tony Dungy would not approve.
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