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Former NBA Player to Come Out of the Closet on Feb. 14

Feb 5, 2007 – 10:33 PM
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The Big Lead

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In a story that I imagine will probably garner some serious pick-up in the mainstream media in the coming weeks, a former NBA player who has been out of the league 'for about three years' and was 'not a star player' will reportedly be coming out of the closet in a new book and tell the world he is gay, according to various outlets. The release date of the book is Valentine's Day.

A blogger does some sleuthing and comes up with this:

So, I went trundling around the internets tubes in the hopes of finding out some additional info. I found a post on an LA radio station's message board that the player's name and book is to come out (pun intended? no.) in a book titled Man in the Middle February 20.

I continued to scroll down on the message board and found this:

Not that it matters, but a quick google (sic) search on the subject reveals John Amaechi.

The Fanhouse is not in the practice of outing anyone (at least as far as I know), so you will find no speculating here. (Plus, the last time I wrote anything remotely this controversial, there was massive outrage from a few crazies.) But since openly gay professional athletes are more rare than a three-pointer from Shaq, this story will probably explode in the coming weeks, and I thought it should be brought to your attention.
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