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It Also Seems Like a Fantastic Nickname for Andrei Kirilenko

Feb 8, 2007 – 8:18 PM
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I don't think vandalism should be a crime when it's this amusing. That picture to your right is the EnergySolutions Arena, formerly the Delta Center, home to the Utah Jazz. Vandals removed a few strategically chosen letters, and now the arena has a whole new name. Catchy, don't you think?

The picture comes from SLCSpin. I don't know if someone just thought it would be funny if the building read "Energy Slut," or if it's also a bold political statement on the selling of the naming rights to a company that disposes of low level nuclear waste. Either way, I giggled.

It's had a few other nicknames, too. From this Richard Sadomir article in the New York Times:
Since the announcement of the Delta-to-Energy Solutions name switcheroo last week, KSL-TV, in Salt Lake City, has invited people to send e-mail messages with their proposed monikers, which include:

The Glow Bowl and the Isotope. The Dump and ChernoBowl. JazzMat (short for Jazzardous Materials), the Big Bang and the Tox Box. The Power House and the Hot Spot. The Fallout Shelter. And the Melta Center.

A letter writer to The Salt Lake Tribune suggested the jaunty Radium Stadium.
And now... the EnergySlut.
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