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Pat Summitt's Thighs Make a Rare Public Appearance

Feb 27, 2007 – 11:58 PM
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We mentioned yesterday that Tennessee' women's basketball coach Pat Summit had threatened promised to show up at the men's Tennessee/Florida game tonight in a cheerleader outfit, and, well ... she wasn't kidding. Here's Pat (with thanks to the always reliable Awful Announcing), showing off her getaway sticks:

I got a little bit nervous for the male cheerleaders lifting Pat up to the top of the mini-pyramid there. Had she gone up any higher, someone was getting an upskirt shot. And you just wouldn't recover from something like that.

Honestly, though, it's hard to make fun of this. If you're a Tennessee student, it was probably a hell of a lot of fun to witness that. Cliche or not, it is school spirit, it is part of what makes college athletics great, and plus, for maybe the first time in his life, Peyton Manning was probably not the goofiest white person in the room.

The only thing at all aggravating about it was Dick Vitale, forcing out the staggered chuckles and the "Ohhh!"s like he was being held at knifepoint and forced to do it. I try to be nice to Vitale, but ... it's like he was trying his best to ruin that.
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