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The Rockets Are Scared to Go to N'awlins; League Doesn't Care

Mar 2, 2007 – 6:39 PM
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Marcel Mutoni

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First, it was T-Mac expressing concerns about his personal safety at next year's All-Star game. Now, his teammate Rafer Alston has come out and said that he's shook, too:
"I'm scared right now, only because of the situation down there now," said Rockets guard Rafer Alston, who was in Las Vegas. "If it's like that now, what happens when you have 500,000 people on their way down there and people who earn a substantial amount of money down there? Right now, it's pretty unsafe. (If) they can assure David Stern and the rest of the league that the players and their families and their friends will be all right down there, then it could be a go.

"I was very uncomfortable (in Las Vegas). I didn't leave my hotel until I was headed to an event. I didn't even leave to go to eat. I ate in my hotel. It was the overall atmosphere. The whole feeling didn't feel safe. Then when the weekend cleared, you started to see unbelievable numbers of arrests and things that went on. You think, 'If that happened, what's to happen in New Orleans?'"
Wait up. You're telling me Rafer aka Skip To My Lou from the rough streets of South Jamaica, Queens was scared to come out of his hotel room in Vegas? Come on, now! I can't even imagine how badly his boys from back home are gonna bust his chops for admitting this. That's definitely not hardbody, Skip.

The League has already stated it's full steam ahead with a New Orleans All-Star Weekend. They didn't even blink when player rep Billy Hunter attempted to remind everyone that he's still alive earlier this week.
"We're looking forward to New Orleans playing host to next year's All-Star events and are equally excited about the Hornets' return to the city next season. The reports we have received about other major events and conventions recently held in New Orleans have been very positive, and we fully expect All-Star 2008 to be a great success."
It'll be interesting to observe how the League handles this situation should more players (especially All-Stars like Tracy) come forward with safety concerns. Are they going to suspend/fine guys who refuse to make the trip to N'awlins?

(HT: Leave The Man Alone)
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