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Gregg Doyel Is Off Coach K's Christmas Card List

Mar 6, 2007 – 2:39 PM
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Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson %BloggerTitle%

Yesterday the FanHouse's Michael David Smith mentioned a conference call Q & A between Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski and the media in the wake of "The Incident," and as the team prepares for the ACC Tournament.

Specifically, MDS pointed out that CBS writer Gregg Doyel asked coach K some ... um ... very direct questions. Well, here's the audio of the conference call. It's starts out harmless enough -- two reporters ask predictable questions (though, oddly, Krzyzewski did say the "person it's most unfortunate for is G[erald Henderson]" when referring the Atomic Elbow) -- but then Doyel gets on the horn (around the 7:35 mark) and let's just say the mood changes:
Doyel: Mike, you made it clear after the game and just now, some conduct is unacceptable and you would hold your players to higher standards and all that ... um, I'm just wondering, how many games did you suspend Christian Laettner for when he stomped on Aminu Timberlake?

Coach K: Well, you want ... first of all ... would you call that a stomp?

Doyel: Absolutely. I've seen it over and over.

Coach K: Okay. Well, then my judgment and yours differ.

Doyel: I got some glasses ... I mean, are you serious?

Coach K: Okay. So, you ... you ... I'm not going to get in with you because you would always want something controversial (laughs nervously) so...

Doyel: I just like the truth sometimes that's all.

Coach K: No ... believe me, there's nobody who likes the truth more than me. And, uh, after the season we'll talk about, you know, 1992; I'd rather talk about 2007 right now.
And trust me when I say it was much more uncomfortable to listen to. In any event, I eagerly await the end of Duke's season when Krzyzewski will address the 1992 team.
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