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Menace II Soxiety

Mar 8, 2007 – 6:37 PM
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Tom Fornelli

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As a White Sox fan, I've long had to deal with other people's perception that all Sox fans are loud obnoxious drunken morons. Since I'm a Sox fan, I must have a mullet and I never leave the house with a shirt on, unless it's a Ron Artest wifebeater.

I'll have you know that whenever I go to White Sox games, I may be drunk but I always have a shirt on. Not because I'm ashamed of what's beneath my shirt, mind you. I have a stomach that many have compared to Incan stonework, and I fear showing off my Herculean physique would only serve as a distraction away from the action on the field.

Though it seems all my hard work will go for naught as the son of two of America's Most Wanted Sox fans has gotten himself in some trouble.

[Michael] Ligue, 19, his 18-year-old girlfriend and three other friends are charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm, a Class 1 felony that carries up to 15 years in prison.

The five are accused of pulling up to a Chicago Ridge apartment building in his girlfriend's parents' car Sunday night, and another girl opened fire, using a gun she stole from her father's bedroom, Chicago Ridge Police Chief Tim Baldermann said.

Who's Michael Ligue? Well he's the son of William Ligue Jr, you know the guy who along with Michael's older brother stormed the field at US Cellular in 2002 to beat up Royals first base coach Tom Gamboa. Which was then followed the next season by another Sox fan attacking first base umpire Laz Diaz in a game against the Royals. So, really it's probably the Royals fault.

Anyway, it's nice to see intelligence runs in the Ligue family.

(Via Deadspin)

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