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Willis McGahee: 'I Couldn't Wait to Get Out of Buffalo'

Mar 25, 2007 – 10:29 PM
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The word "hate" doesn't really come up in professional sports very often. There are many disagreements and dislikes, but hate -- not so much. While Willis McGahee never used the word "hate," his feelings about Buffalo are becoming more and more obvious as each day passes.

"I couldn't wait to get out of there," McGahee said about Buffalo.
So how did the former 1,000 yard back act when he heard he was being traded? Quite simply and admittedly, he acted like a child.

"I was yelling and [stuff], running through the whole house, screaming, 'Yes! Yes!'" McGahee says. "It was such a relief."
I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual by coaches, players and fans alike. McGahee had become nothing more than a whining, babyish cancer. He was no more valuable to the Bills than a jewelry box is to Michael Vick.

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