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Bobby Petrino: Michael Vick Can Complete 65% of Passes

Mar 29, 2007 – 9:05 AM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

That Bobby Petrino, what a kidder. Petrino, the new Falcons coach, made a hilarious joke this week at the NFL league meetings, saying he thinks Michael Vick's goal should be a 65% completion rate this season.

What? He was serious?

"For our offense, we feel like that's where you've got to be," Petrino said.... "That's the goal. That's what we've got in mind. It's the place we want to be."

Let me clue you into something, coach Petrino. Michael Vick has about as much chance of completing 65% of his passes as Peyton Manning has of rushing for 1,000 yards. Check out Vick's career stats. That 53.8% completion rate might go up a little bit in your offense, but up to 65%? You've got to be kidding me.

Last year Manning's completion rate was 64.99%. Does anyone honestly think it's realistic to set a goal for Vick to match Manning in terms of passing accuracy? Unless Petrino plans to completely neuter Vick the way the Houston Texans neutered David Carr (who was forced to throw such short passes that he barely averaged nine yards per completion on his way to getting cut), Vick will never be a 65% passer. If Petrino can't be realistic about that, he and Vick aren't going to be able to work together.
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