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Carla Berry Turned In Pokey Chatman -- Is She Disloyal?

Mar 31, 2007 – 6:47 AM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

A long piece on the LSU women's basketball team examines the repercussions of coach Pokey Chatman's resignation. Specifically, assistant coach Carla Berry might have damaged her own career when she told the LSU administration that Chatman had a sexual relationship with a former player. Berry might not be back at LSU next season, and if she's not, there's talk that other schools wouldn't want to hire her.

Berry might have an especially hard time passing the loyalty litmus.

"Two months ago if you would've called me and said Carla Berry from LSU [was interested], if I had an opening, we'd take her," said a Division I coach. "I would say unequivocally. Now ... I'd have to have a full-length conversation to understand why what happened happened to make her pull that trigger."

I think that's outrageous. Berry did the right thing -- the only ethical thing -- when she informed Chatman's bosses that Chatman had an inappropriate relationship. Any coach who wouldn't want Berry on the staff is saying allegiance to the coach is more important than allegiance to university rules.

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