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Don Nelson Inspired by Scotch

Apr 17, 2007 – 4:47 PM
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Bethlehem Shoals

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This Warriors/Mavs thing is already getting out of control. As if the mentor vs. pupil buzz weren't deafening enough, there's the two teams playing tonight--with the Warriors in a position to clinch their playoff spot. It's hard to say whether the Mavericks will play dead, or try and get some feel for the currently red-hot Golden State squad.

Nelson himself certainly thinks will be a big one. So big, in fact, that he's undertaking some original planning strategies. From the Dallas Morning News:
Here's what [Nelson] told the media Sunday after the Warriors took control of their playoff destiny and reporters asked him how he'd prepare for his old team:

"I'll smoke a cigar, drink scotch and form my game plan," he said. "The more scotch I drink, the better the game plan gets."
Granted, this is a joke. But you've got to admire this kind of swag from a guy who can't even get an erection. With a chance to secure their postseason plans, Nellie's boasting about how trashed he plans to get. Or maybe I'm looking at this all wrong, and this is actually the secret to the man's coaching prowess. He's always been known as an innovator; wouldn't large quantities of scotch account for his unique philosophy of the game?
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