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Amare Has a Mystical Connection to Defense

Apr 20, 2007 – 10:22 AM
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Bethlehem Shoals

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Let's all hear it for Amare Stoudemire. We had no idea if he'd ever play like himself again, and instead Amare scaled new heights. The one-man demolition crew of the 2005 playoffs has given way to a smart, complete power forward Greg Popovich could love.

Of course, there remains one hole in Stoudemire's game. Like most of the Suns, STAT is not the most adept defender out there. However, assistant coach Marc Iavaroni has quite the interesting take on this shortcoming. From USA Today:
But is Stoudemire committed to defense?

"He is committed in thought and spirit," Iavaroni said. "Now we have to find out if he's committed in execution."
That's a good one, since some people think that Phoenix genuinely doesn't believe in defense. Like the way atheists refuse to honor the big guy above. What a relief to find out that, in fact, Amare really likes the idea of keeping the other team from scoring. In theory. In fact, it's important to his deeper, more spiritual, understanding of basketball. As in, someone has to prevent the other team from scoring late in the game. What remains to be seen, however, is whether he gets that big men are supposed to be on the frontline of that holy war.
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