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Orioles Bullpen Debuts the 'Unity Stache'

Apr 23, 2007 – 5:18 PM
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Matt Watson

Matt Watson %BloggerTitle%

Rollie FingersYou've heard of the "playoff beard," right? Well, how about the "unity 'stache?" Apparently it's catching on in the Orioles' clubhouse. From the Baltimore Sun:
Though careful not to violate the club's facial hair policy, the Orioles' relievers have decided to grow mustaches as another symbol of team unity.

They're definitely not going for fashion.

"You like it? It looks kind of trashy," John Parrish said.
Apparently the movement is catching on: it was inspired by bullpen catcher Orlando Gomez, and now Aubrey Huff, Kevin Millar (big surprise, eh?) and Jay Gibbons have all joined in. They need to be careful, though; the Sun reports that the O's policy forbids hair that "extends beyond the corners of the mouth."

But I'm curious, what's the exact definition of "beyond?" I'm thinking the spirit of the rule simply meant "below," which would prohibit your standard issue goatee. But what about something like Rollie Fingers' trademark handlebar mustache, pictured above? Is that against the rules? And if so, should it be? Because if Rollie Fingers is wrong, well, I don't want to be right.

(via Ben Maller)
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