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Stephen Jackson Spreads 'Em

Apr 23, 2007 – 4:29 PM
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I don't think any team is enjoying the postseason more than the Golden State Warriors, Stephen Jackson in particular. From Sam Smith's column in at today is this little tidbit about Jackson, tucked away in a column about Larry Bird's failures as Pacers GM:
In fact, the Warriors were so giddy about breaking a 13-year playoff drought that Jackson, still facing probation violations for discharging a firearm during a preseason strip-club parking lot incident in Indianapolis, does a mock police frisk with his hands behind his head in pregame introductions with teammate Matt Barnes.

"It's a little joke for all the people who think I'm a bad guy, who don't know me," Jackson told the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's like, 'I got nothing on me, I just want to play basketball and have fun.' "
I think we can all agree that this is a good thing. Some people, because they like to see that Jackson is secure enough to poke fun at his own image. Others, because they're concerned that Jack might actually be strapped, and if so, Matt Barnes can alert everyone to that possibility.
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