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Warriors Nation Believes: Golden State Takes a 2-1 Lead

Apr 28, 2007 – 8:10 AM
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Miss Gossip

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Following are my bold proclamations regarding last night's epic 109-91 Warriors win over the Mavs. Golden State stayed cool and now leads the storybook first-round series 2-1.

Most fans come home from the arena hoarse; Warriors fans come home from the Oracle deaf. This was the most exciting game I've ever been to. The crowd noise could have edged Barbosa for that Sixth Man award.

Baron Davis is two games away from an MVP award. Forget those other guys. If the Warriors break into the second round, Boom Dizzle has got my vote.

The Mavs are two games away from throwing away 67. If I had worked my bum off all season to earn homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, I sure would be salty about not getting to use it at all.

Defense wins championships ... unless your opponent has offense like this. Those Dubs were scoring so fast that I sometimes had trouble keeping track of The DIFF.

It's time for Avery to go to Plan C. Forget trying to play small ball. Forget trying to play Dampier and Diop. Give Pops Mensah-Bonsu some burn so you have a big guy on the floor who can actually score. (Not that I'm trying to help Dallas.)

Mark Cuban needs to wear a belt with his saggy jeans. There's not much more to say about that.

Nellie is the king of mind games. At one point in the game Baron Davis was several seconds late limping back on defense, clutching that knee of his. Seconds later he was twinkle-toeing down the lane like it wasn't even nothin'. Some are saying the knee dramatics are fake and that Coach Nelson is calling them -- as some way to mess with the Mavs' ongoing gameplan.

Avery's hotel tricks aren't going to work. We've heard about the coach taking his players to remote hotels far away from party cities and making them double up with roommates. Well, this trip the team is staying all the way up in Berkeley, at the famous Claremont Resort. But someone forgot to tell AJ that the Claremont hosts a somewhat popping-off night scene.

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