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Beck to Ginn: Better Than Quinn to Rice?

Apr 30, 2007 – 12:09 PM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

With this weekend's draft, the Dolphins' top priority was assembling a quarterback and a wide receiver to power new coach Cam Cameron's passing game for the next several years. Most people thought the quarterback would be Brady Quinn, and the wide receiver would be whoever was the best on the board when the Dolphins' second-round pick rolled around.

Instead, the Dolphins chose receiver Ted Ginn in the first round (much to the chagrin of their fans) and then chose quarterback John Beck in the second round. If they had chosen Quinn in the first round, they would have taken a wide receiver in the second round, and that wide receiver most likely would have been Sidney Rice of South Carolina (who ended up going to the Vikings in the second round). So the question is this: Will John Beck to Ted Ginn be a better combination than Brady Quinn to Sidney Rice would have been?

We won't know for a few years, but it's not unreasonable to think that Beck-to-Ginn will turn out to be a better pairing than Quinn-to-Rice would have been. If it is, Dolphins fans will be thrilled, and they'll all deny that they were the ones booing their coach on draft day.
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