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Want Eagles Season Tickets? Wait 4,000 Years

Jun 1, 2007 – 6:08 PM
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Michael David Smith

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We've previously noted here at FanHouse that the waiting list for season tickets to Packers games is so long that there's really not much use in putting your name on it: At the current pace of season ticket renewals, you'll have to wait 473 years before your name is called.

But the situation in Philadelphia makes the wait in Green Bay look like nothing more than a wait of five, ten minutes for a table in a Chinese restaurant. Rich Hofmann of the Philadelphia Daily News reports:

According to Eagles president Joe Banner, the waiting list now contains more than 60,000 names and, last year, a grand total of 15 of them were given the opportunity to buy tickets. Fifteen!

At 15 a year, it'll take 4,000 years to get through 60,000 names. So with demand far outstripping supply for tickets, why don't the Eagles raise ticket prices? Fans often complain that it's too expensive to get to a game, but isn't something that is too scarce to meet customer demand the very definition of an underpriced product?

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