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Duke Lacrosse: Will John Feinstein Admit He Was Wrong?

Jun 5, 2007 – 9:18 PM
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Michael David Smith

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John Feinstein, one of America's most influential sports writers and one of Duke's most famous alumni, wrote a column last week in which he bashed Duke for, among other things, the fact that "No one from Duke has apologized to the lacrosse kids for throwing them under the bus."

Those "lacrosse kids" Feinstein refers to are the members of the 2006 lacrosse team, whose season was canceled after a stripper hired by the team claimed she was raped at a lacrosse team party, a claim that proved to be false. But K.C. Johnson of the blog Durham in Wonderland notes that Feinstein himself ought to apologize for throwing the lacrosse players under the bus.

In fact, last year Feinstein said Duke should go further than just canceling the season. He said his alma mater should have revoked every lacrosse player's scholarship:

You know, I don't want to hear any ifs, and, or buts. These kids have acted disgracefully, just by the fact that not one of them-I don't want to hear about the code, among buddies and among teams. A crime was committed. There were witnesses to the crime. They need to come forward and say what they saw . . .

They won't, and that's why I'm saying the hell with them-strip their scholarships.

Feinstein is a great writer, but it's frustrating to read a column in which he bashes others for being wrong about the lacrosse case but doesn't accept responsibility for his own wrongheaded views. Feinstein is far from the top of the list of people who acted badly in this case, but his refusal to acknowledge his mistakes damages his reputation as a great sports journalist.

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