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Jim Bowden Is Really Concerned About Jesus Colome's Bum

Jul 5, 2007 – 4:20 PM
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Matt Watson

Matt Watson %BloggerTitle%

Jesus ColomeProfessional athletes get the strangest injuries, especially big league pitchers. Jesus Colome is no exception: he's currently hospitalized with an infection ... in his right buttock. OK, maybe we shouldn't be laughing at an infection which leads to a hospital visit, but it's hard not to when it leads to Professional athletes tend to get the strangest injuries, especially big league pitchers. quotes like this:
"It's a serious situation," [GM Jim] Bowden said. "We pray for his buttocks and his family."
I really have to hand it to Jim Bowden. Most guys in his position would have settled for a general "we pray for his health," but that wasn't specific enough for him. Nope, that's the difference between him and most GMs; he's a details guy, someone who pays attention to the little things. And that's why his teams are always the class of baseball the NL East Washington D.C. I'm just curious what exactly he said about Nook Logan's groin injury earlier in the year ...

(big hat-tip to Lion in Oil)
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