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The Devil Loves the Tour de France

Jul 13, 2007 – 12:36 AM
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Orson Swindle

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The Devil does love the Tour de France, and contrary to rumor, is a very nice guy, actually. Didi the Devil is the alias of Didi Senft, a cycling fan whose unrivalled passion for the sport compels him to don a full devil outfit--complete with shiny metal fork--and attend professional cycling events across Europe.

Denft gave a superb interview to Pez Cycling in 2004, and revealed this much about himself:

  • He created the costume in 1993 because "there was something missing among the fans" in cycling. Namely, a bearded German with a devil costume on.
  • Built the Guinness Book of World Records "World's Largest Bike" for fun.
  • Has over 20 different forks for his outfit, including a plastic one for particularly tight airport security
  • Runs after riders, paints pitchforks on the road, and generally acts like the lovable lunatic he probably actually is.
So tune into Versus' coverage of the event for one of the funniest and most dada sites you'll see in all of sports: Didi chasing the riders through stages, pitchfork in hand. After just one viewing, you'll agree that all sports need fake devil mascots with sparkling accessories or we'll refund you in FanHouse pesos at no charge to you. (Cash value= zero, of course. But it's a promise, friend!)
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