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Scott Olsen Loves to Fight

Jul 17, 2007 – 1:01 PM
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Tom Fornelli

Tom Fornelli %BloggerTitle%

PostmanR let you know yesterday that the Marlins had suspended pitcher Scott Olsen two games for "insubordination." Yet, the Marlins wouldn't elaborate on what exactly Olsen did to undermine the team or his manager's wishes.

Well, this is Scott Olsen. He gets into like 5 fights a day. Be it with opponents, teammates, fans, or the mailman. He just wants to hit somebody, and it's that desire to hit somebody that got him suspended.
Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen, who fought with teammates at least twice last season, has done it again.

After a successful, but frustrating, five-inning outing Sunday, sources said Olsen scuffled with fellow starter Sergio Mitre in a tunnel behind the Florida dugout during the bottom of the fifth.
And what set off this great confrontation? A faulty button of course. What else?
After Olsen came off the mound in the middle of the fifth inning, he tore off his jersey, threw it at a clubhouse attendant and demanded a new one.

Sources said Mitre admonished Olsen for his behavior. That led to the scuffle while third baseman Miguel Cabrera was at bat.
So while everyone else in the stadium was admiring the upper deck home run Miguel Cabrera had just hit, the Marlins were busy in the dugout trying to break up the fight.

I don't know if Scott Olsen's mom just didn't hug him enough as a child or what, but the guy has some serious issues. What I do know is that I don't think the Marlins are going to want to deal with it much longer. If Olsen doesn't grow the hell up, and soon, I wouldn't be surprised if he was spending his last days as a Florida Marlin.

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