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Video of the Day: Rick Tocchet, TV Chef

Aug 19, 2007 – 10:38 AM
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Jes Golbez

Jes Golbez %BloggerTitle%

Long before Rick Tocchet was arranging sports bets for people, he was a pretty darn good hockey player and tough SOB.

It turns out that the Tocchet Rocket was also a wanna-be TV chef, as we can see in this video clip from over a decade ago.

Ahh, yes, the good old Italian standby of spaghetti. If that dish was any simpler, Paris Hilton might be able to count the amount of ingredients. Surely, Tocchet's mom could have taught him something a bit more involved?

Notice that he has the paper set up to read the Sports section? Even at a young age, Tocchet knew the importance of keeping track of Vegas odds. It's always nice to see players prepare for the post-playing careers.

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