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Need Guns Dallas Residents? Cowboys Sign Tank Johnson

Sep 18, 2007 – 4:12 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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Tuesday's are usually pretty boring during the NFL season, but we've already had Byron Leftwich sign to play in the slow-motion train wreck that is Atlanta, and now, Dallas has pulled the trigger on shoring up the defensive line: that's right, Cowboys fans, according to ESPN, Tank Johnson is the latest addition to the team.

Mr. Tank is currently serving an eight-game suspension for making Crime Dog Goodell angry, but he'll be available for action much sooner than IR-ed starting defensive lineman Jason Ferguson. As FanHouse's Michael David Smith mentioned this morning, the Cowboys feature a 3-4 defense, and Johnson has experience in the 4-3. Still, he provides depth, something Dallas could use.

Johnson spent part of his off-season in the can for stocking his house with firearms like it was Ruby Ridge, 1992. And after his release -- and promising to win the NFL's Man of the Year award -- Johnson was pulled over by Arizona po-po for suspicion of drunk driving. The results from the crime lab came back negative, but NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had seen enough: he suspended the former Bear eight games.

Whatever, come Week 9, Johnson will be on the field in Dallas, and frankly, the defensive line can't find reinforcements fast enough.
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