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Norv Turner: San Diego Enemy No. 1

Sep 27, 2007 – 5:06 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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Okay, who's surprised to see a "Norv Turner Isn't Really Head-Coaching Material" column? Nobody? Shocking.'s Mark Kreidler joins the party, and just in case you needed another reason to convince you that Norv is all wrong for the Chargers job, here ya go:
Some of his players knew last week that the team wasn't ready to play its best game in Green Bay. The practice mood, they said, was just a little too passive. It was a little too calm. It was a little too ... well, a little too Norv, if you want to get to the nubs of it.
After getting throttled in their biggest game to date in Week 2, the Chargers came out flat against the Packers -- and nobody was surprised. Hmm. Maybe firing Marty Schottenheimer so late in the proceedings wasn't such a good idea. What's so freaking puzzling is that Turner is a swell offensive coordinator -- always has been -- but once he's sitting in the captain's chair, forget about it. And Kreidler hits on this:
...While Turner was busy getting his reputation knocked around in San Diego ... the franchise for which he spent 2006 as offensive coordinator, San Francisco, saw itself questioned repeatedly about its sudden lack of imagination and flair on offense -- after winning its first two games. The consensus is that the 49ers ... were a better unit with Mike Nolan doing the head coaching and Turner up in the box drawing plays -- that is, with Turner doing what he does best.
Let's assume the Chargers rally and finish 8-8 or 9-7 but miss the playoffs. Would general manager AJ Smith fire Turner after one season? Or better yet, would team president Dean Spanos fire Smith, who's got a knack for putting together a roster, but isn't exactly batting 1.000 when it comes GM-head coach relationships.
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