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College Football Songbook: America's Wang and the Tasty Tears of Upsets

Oct 1, 2007 – 12:00 PM
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John Radcliff

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The College Football Songbook is a weekly feature in which we'll be making as much fun as humanly possible of the most embarrassing moments in college football. Through words, music, and related video we'll leave a lasting memory implanted on the brains of the vanquished that they are not soon to forget.

Wow! Usually you can hope for one good upset to sing about per week, but not the plethora that took place this weekend. I feel bad, because I probably left a few people out. But such is life and the two minute song. Anyway, let's all rejoice in the tasty tears of the fans from Florida, WVU, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Special hat tip as always to Pete Holiday for putting the video together.

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