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Chargers Fans Have Two Choices: Find Another Hobby or Get Therapy

Oct 3, 2007 – 3:56 PM
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Ryan Wilson

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Man, winning really has changed the San Diego Chargers. Or more specifically, their fans. In the five years between Bobby Ross and Marty Schottenheimer the Chargers were 23-57, with guys named Whelihan, Harbaugh and Leaf handing off to Brown, Means and Fazande, and throwing passes to Martin, Jones and Graham. Good times.

Now, six year later -- and a year after Martyball was relegated to the scrap heap -- San Diego fans aren't a happy bunch. Not winning playoff games under Schottenheimer was one thing -- he did manage to go 47-33 during the regular season -- but getting crushed early in the season, with the same guys that went 14-2 last year, well, that's just too much.

The San Diego Union-Tribune's Michael Stetz took a look around the internets and found some of the league's most despondent, dispirited fans. A sampling:
"In all sincerity, this is one of the lowest times to be a San Diego fan. Our city has seemingly endured worse (I remember the '03 season, when the Padres and Chargers were both laughingstocks), but this year was supposed to be different. . . . "
Yeah, the Padres aren't helping things. Psychologist Richard Lustberg has some advice on how to cope when your team stinks: To get over the "loser blues," Lustberg recommends that downcast fans begin following another team.

Oh, it's that easy, huh? Of course, that doesn't do much for you if you're into San Diego sports. Instead, I suspect fans will put all their energies into getting Norvell run out of time town. Misery loving company and all that.
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