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Jerry Rice 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' Video

Oct 14, 2007 – 8:37 PM
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Michael David Smith

Michael David Smith %BloggerTitle%

That was NFL Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, but it wasn't Dancing With the Stars. It was part of Midnight Madness at Georgetown, with John Thompson III and Pat Ewing Jr. teaching Rice the moves. Bailey Heaps explains:

Coach Thompson introduced Jerry Rice to the crowd, instructing them to chant "Mr. Rice" instead of "Jerry Rice." Now JT III has Jerry Rice doing the Crank That by Soulja Boy dance.

Pat Ewing is tonight's dance instructor, teaching Rice the moves. Rice is a quick learner, getting the footwork down almost immediately. The superman-like glide comes quickly too. Rice could probably average 10 and 5 for the Hoyas this year if he wanted to.

Now the greatest wide receiver in football history is dancing to Soulja Boy at half court with the son of one of the NBA's 50 greatest players.

I like how the kids chant "Mr. Rice," showing the proper respect for a man who's old enough to be their father.
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